Install PlayStore on any android device

Install PlayStore

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Android a system for mobile devices based on Linux as an operating system free and open, Android architecture now also works on devices such as tablets, televisions, clock even in cars.

Android is an open platform, can be a Kit of native development which allows to create applications, this requires having a program of development of programming such as Android Studio, Eclipse, which has stretches of Android SDK for their development and compilation.

Android applications are compressed in an APK extension, that can be installed on any platform devices running on Android.

Android is distinguished by its logo green with the symbol of a robot.

Android is more than 92% of the market in mobile phones using their platform, followed by IOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS.

Being a Linux-based system, Android depends on this to basic services, from drivers to process management models, also offers greater security in comparison to other mobile operating systems.

The architecture of Android is based in the following manner:

Android has a library of applications applications called Google PlayStore, developed by the same Google for mobile devices, this allows access to a host of applications that are published by developers, can be found in the PlayStore many categories of applications from games, publishers of images, videos, spectrum analyzers, and many more applications.

The Google PlayStore is very important for the download of applications, which receive updates periodically which we will be informing on the website.

Note that install PlayStore, there will be free applications as payment, the disadvantage of free applications is that often shows unwanted advertising.

Following the post we will explain how to install PlayStore, if your device does not PlayStore this theme installation has focused this goes.

PlayStore install on any android device , we have set previously entered for them to “Settings“.

Install Play Store

Then we headed to the “General” tab and go to “Security”

Install Play Store

Then we activate “Unknown sources”

Install Play Store

A notification window will open, we give “OK”


Now entered the browser, and go to the address “”


Continuing to install PlayStore, accept downloading Aptoide.


Now we enter our “Downloads” and see the APK downloaded and click on it.


We proceed to install add as pictured.


We hope to start the installation process

We open the application


Click Next

Click Next

Now install PlayStore, what we do is make a search “Google PlayStore


We will list the application ” Google PlayStore” entered it and install


Note : In some devices varies the inicial configuration, the tutorial was made with a mobile with Android 4.4.2 KiKat

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